Breaking Down ‘Redo’: A Critical Dive into Re:Zero’s Opening Theme

by on Aug.24, 2023, under Konomi Suzuki, Re:Zero

“Redo” is the opening theme song for the anime “Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World.” It sets the tone for a series that is a mix of dark fantasy, emotional depth, and moments of levity. Upon close examination, there are several aspects of the song that merit critical discussion.

1. Composition and Instrumentation: “Redo” leans heavily into the rock genre, employing electric guitars, drums, and synthesizers to create a sense of urgency that aligns well with the protagonist Subaru’s numerous and often traumatic do-overs in the series. While the instrumentation itself is competent, it’s hardly groundbreaking. The song tends to follow the typical format of most anime openings, which can be a double-edged sword; it fits the medium, but can also feel formulaic.

2. Lyrics: The lyrics are where “Redo” shines brightest, reflecting the protagonist’s struggles, determination, and his will to change the fate he’s thrust into. Lines like “Even if I’m beaten down, I’ll get up and redo” convey Subaru’s tenacity, even as he faces seemingly insurmountable challenges. However, for those who haven’t seen the show, the lyrics might seem a tad generic, offering sentiments that are often repeated in anime anthems about perseverance and overcoming challenges.

3. Vocal Performance: Konomi Suzuki gives a commendable performance, bringing both energy and emotion to the track. Her voice manages to encapsulate the series’ raw emotionality, especially during the song’s climax. Still, her voice, powerful as it is, does occasionally get lost amidst the strong instrumentation. A better mix might have allowed her vocals to shine even more prominently.

4. Relevance to the Anime: As the opening theme, “Redo” is incredibly fitting for “Re:Zero.” It encapsulates the essence of the show: the persistence of the human spirit, the challenge of facing repeated failures, and the hope of making things right. The visual animation accompanying the song during the opening sequence also complements it perfectly, making it a strong introduction for each episode.

Conclusion: “Redo” does its job as an opening theme for “Re:Zero” commendably. It’s catchy, energetic, and thematically relevant. However, when judged as a standalone piece, it falls into some of the common traps of anime openings, being somewhat formulaic in its composition and arrangement. While it won’t revolutionize the world of anime music, it remains a memorable track for fans of the series.

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